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Leagues and Events

We will be closed Saturday July 20th for the jamboree in Stanley

We will be closed this Saturday July 20th for the jamboree in Stanley 


Kids League (October and January ) -Tuesdays at 5:00 & 6:00pm runs for 6 weeks and lasts one hour. This is a great way for kids to test their skills in a fun environment.  Kids can shoot their own bows for $5 or use a rental for an additional $3.  This league is open to anyone ages 16 and under.

Traditional League- Wednesday at 7pm, $8 Fun shoot with 3D and paper Target’s ends with pizza party.This league is for all of the traditionalists out there, recurves and long bows only.

Vegas 3-spot League- Thursdays at 7pm, $5 Until after state five spot

3D league (October and January)- Adult 3D league  Friday nights at 7pm. Compounds only fun shoot and competitive. $10 runs for 6 weeks and last an hour.

Call us at (208) 629-9564 with any questions 


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