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Leagues and Events

Desert challenge time!

Kids League (October and January ) -Tuesdays at 5:00 & 6:00pm runs for 6 weeks and lasts one hour. This is a great way for kids to test their skills in a fun environment.  Kids can shoot their own bows for $5 or use a rental for an additional $3.  This league is open to anyone ages 16 and under.

Traditional League- Wednesday at 7pm, $8 Fun shoot with 3D and paper Target’s ends with pizza party.This league is for all of the traditionalists out there, recurves and long bows only.

Vegas 3-spot League- Thursdays at 7pm, $5 Until after state five spot

3D league (October and January)- Adult 3D league  Friday nights at 7pm. Compounds only fun shoot and competitive. $10 runs for 6 weeks and last an hour.

Call us at (208) 629-9564 with any questions 


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